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Two Year Olds


It is our school philosophy that the whole child is cared for as an individual and as part of the school community in a loving environment.  Our program has been created and refined since 1973 with the thought in mind that the child’s needs are met in a well-rounded program that strengthens cognitive, social, emotional, physical, moral, and equally important the creative development of each child. 

The 2s program is a very comprehensive one.   At this age level, they will be developing self-help skills. (ie toileting, feeding, dressing, etc.)  They will be developing language and how to express their emotions as well as how to interact with their friends during play and learning.  They are learning that they have individual voices and it sometimes differs from others and that each one is valid and how to take turns because they are part of a community where we all work together as a class.  This is an important lesson.  Their daily and weekly activities are designed to support the curriculum while enjoying art projects and sensory play which will support their newfound independence, language and social skills.

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