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Infants 2 months to 2 years old

Our classrooms offer a warm secure location where infants receive personal, individualized attention and care.  The stimulating classroom environment helps form a foundation for later learning.  Babies feel safe, secure, and happy in this classroom. Warm, caring teachers bond and develop trust with children.  Children are provided with nurturing classroom environments, educational toys and stimulating activities, exclusive milestone-based curriculum, and immersive learning experiences.

Schedules for infants are very individualized & created according to arrivals & demands. Diapers are changed as often as needed. In the Infant Room two naps are common, one mid-morning & the second mid-afternoon. Children enjoy an AM & PM snack & open lunch shift from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. The children’s awake time is spent encouraging individual development as well as block building, singing, cuddling, ball playing, story time, or snuggling up with a teacher and a bottle in our favorite rocking chair.
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