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Acres of Adventure Camp for Kids age 5-10

Children 5-10 years old take weekly trips to bowling and the pool.


They also enjoy the many activities that the campus has to offer. Our campus includes a climbing wall, western town, Indian village, basketball court, kickball field, water slide, clubhouse, bike course, computer and media room, multiple playgrounds and relaxation areas for friends to spend their summer days together.



Some of  the activities include:

* Air Castle  * Ann & Andy Railroad  * Archery Arts & Crafts  * Baseball  *Basketball

*Bike Riding  *Bowling  *Carnival Day *Climbing Wall  *Clubhouse  *Computer Lab

*Family Night  *Gaga Course  *Kick Ball * Mini Golf  *Nature Walks  *Roller Skating/Blading *Sleepover  *Soccer  *Swimming *Talent Show  *Theater  *Volley Ball *Zipline


Space is limited register here

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