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Pre-K 3

It is our school philosophy that the whole child is cared for as an individual and as part of the school community in a loving environment.  Our program has been created and refined since 1973 with the thought in mind that the child’s needs are met in a well-rounded program that strengthens cognitive, social, emotional, physical, moral, and equally important the creative development of each child.  The Pre-K 3 program builds on skills that have been introduced to the children in the earlier years.  In addition to those skills previously developed, we add to the program readiness skills that develop a love of letter, numbers, shapes, reading, art, dramatic play, music, physical development, and the ability to express themselves.  We do this by allowing the children to develop in academic areas at their own pace with support and enrichment focusing on their individual needs.  

During the school term, the pre-k 3 students will continue their lessons of age appropriate themes as well as, maybe for the first time, learn what it means to be a social being.  For many this is the first time they have a command of language.  What they say can affect other people, get attention, and help them to express their own feelings.  Some say three’s are more challenging than two’s, we say each age group has unique attributes that need to be recognized and addressed.  Many of the decisions throughout their day will have their stamp of approval on it. There will be guidance so they can build on the foundation established in the younger levels.

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