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Enrichment programs

We have many enrichment programs that develop the child holistically whether it be sports, music, technology or community, your child will find something that he or she will love.

Intergenerational Program
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Civic Engagement- Preschool Fours and Fives

The students at Ann and Andy understand that they are valued members of a community, not only within the child care center, but within the cities where they live. Annual classroom visits from the Fairview Fire Department and Community Healthcare professionals, help our students to understand how the world around them works. Our annual food and toy drive help students learn how their efforts can impact the community. Finally, our Prekindergarten Senior Center Visitation program helps our students to understand that their actions can have a positive impact on other people's health, mood and overall well-being.

Friendship Club


We offer a social skills group for Pre-K 4 students where children can learn to develop positive peer relationships and navigate social situations. Sessions are held in a small group setting using a multi-sensory approach, including role-playing, interactive games, mindfulness, and the arts.


Twos, Threes, Fours and Fives

Our weekly preschool Happy Feet classes are only 30 minutes and take place at your child’s preschool only once a week, during the day while you work. These will not interfere with their classroom learning time. These sessions will include highly structured soccer activities not only with a soccer ball, but also many other fun “props” that are sure to please.

During each and every class, we make sure that every child is having a fantastic time while also developing essential physical skills along the way.

Technology Intergration
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We provide i-Pads and computer learning in our Preschool classrooms. The children use SplashLearn, which is a game-based math and reading courses for students in pre-kindergarten to grade five.

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